Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Ulitsa, 28/06, Moscow

Petersburg Nizhny Novgorod Tver. Founded in by Evgeny Zyablov. Registered at the Federal Media and Culture Inspectorate. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. The Editorial bear no responsibility for the information of advertising content contained within. A joint exhibition by the old guard of conceptualism and their "acolytes. Evtimeyev and V. Military tunics with rhinestones, boleros made out of standardissue quilted jackets, wedding dresses of polyurethane, skirts sewn from red flags, punk-rock couture and much more besides.

For many years Sergey Shablavin has honed his formula for painting landscapes, drawing the city on canvases cut into strict geometrical shapes circles, rhombuses, rectangles. In this way he endows chaotic urban landscape with symmetry, even the clouds. From the "Landscape formula-2" series. Against the Wall. Mixed media. The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters. For 70 years they have awaited their 15 minutes of fame. Self-portraits in a Blindfold 9. Yury Albert, the most personable of the conceptualists, is again asking questions about the role of the artist.

Although he is working in the same vein as Kiprensky and Bryullov, the modest Albert shuns the romantic reflection of the artist in the mirror and draws himself while wearing a blindfold. Proun continues to draw parallels between folk and modern styles with its wooden panels from peasant houses in the north of Russia. These decorative boards, ornamented in a simple fashion with paint, are woven in with "viral" designs by the MishMash group. Everybody Likes Nightingale. Watercolors on paper.

Chernyshev, A. Plastic, LED, electronics.Acrylic on canvas. Founded in by Evgeny Zyablov. Registered at the Federal Media and Culture Inspectorate. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. The Editorial bear no responsibility for the information of advertising content contained within.

Ivan Chuikov is the most engaging of Russia's conceptualists. He manages to apply classical figurative values to a dry discussion of the nature of artworks. This time dolls have captured his attention. Some are old, some were found at dumps, but all speak eloquently of childhood and other happy times.

Creative clusters in Moscow

Zholud worked ceaselessly on this exhibition, choosing the works on display with great care. All her objects, both abstract and narrative, are inspired by the same thing: a moment of pause, or emptiness. According to Zholud, however, they do not represent absence so much as a space for dreaming and freedom.

Burning Maryina Rosha street. Scene from the "Fairy Tale of Fairy Tales" film. Among the displays at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is an ancient vase with a frieze of animals and birds, a captivating example of the long-held fascination with Oriental styles.

Since the Greeks, every European society worth its salt has drawn inspiration from Eastern traditions, which is confirmed by the pieces gathered at Kabinet Auction House. Young Arab. Kotel has been a careful observer of the Russian winter sinceand in shifted her attention to winter in India.

She decided to exhibit her work after a recent announcement by scientists that the equator is to shift closer to Russia. And winter, after all, is an integral part our cultural and mental landscape. After Christmas.A couple of months ago pavements, benches and parks were simply piles of snow: then in a few days the streets flooded with muddy meltwater and a whole new and unexpected landscape appeared from under the snowdrifts. When talking to friends outside Russia I often hear their surprise that Russia even has a summer - the word Moscow conjures up images of babushkas in fur coats struggling along snowy streets in a fierce blizzard.

But for me Moscow will always be a summer city, and arriving for the first time at five in the morning on the Aeroexpress, dizzy from lack of sleep and speeding past tiny colourful wooden houses and towering blocks of flats, it would have been cold-hearted to do anything but fall instantly in love with it.

Cover story On our cover page we celebrate the start of a new free coach tour that appeared in town. Free Moscow Bus Tours will introduce you to beautiful Moscow you will see the opulent Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, here on the cover as well with English-speaking guides. That sounds like a good deal to us. Russia, St. Petersburg, Ul. Tsvetochnaya 25A.

Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Ulitsa, 28/06, Moscow

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Visitors to Kazan can now enjoy an easier journey from airport to city thanks to the opening of an Aeroexpress rail link. Kazan is the fourth Russian city to open an Aeroexpress route. In the first lines appeared in Moscow, and saw similar services in Sochi and Vladivostok in anticipation of the Olympics and the APAC summit.

See more www. Russia Day On 12 June the Russian parliament formally declared its sovereignty finally putting the last nail in the coffin of the Soviet Union. Most Russians just take this as a good chance to have a day off work and wander around town with their Russian flags, dropping in on the various concerts and festivals. Getting to grips with Moscow can be a daunting experience for a first-time visitor, especially one who finds it tricky to read the Cyrillic alphabet.

Lastochka flies to Nizhny Novgorod Russian Railways is adding to its fleet with a new highspeed service linking Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. The Lastochka Swallow service came into service in May, joining the existing Sapsan Falcon services which link the two cities in about four hours. Services run once a day in each direction, leaving Moscow at and reaching the Volga city four hours later, then returning at and terminating at Kursk Railway Station at There are stops at the Golden Ring city of Vladimir and also Dzerzhinsk and Kovrov, and the full fare is rubles one way.

Moscow Backpackers Paradise? Sadovnicheskaya All Moscow PAUL locations feature more than 35 kinds of freshly-baked bread, croissants, torts, and pies. The European Backpacker Index has disproved the myth that Moscow is an expensive city for a city break.

Based not only on the cost of accommodation, but also other factors including public transport, admission to tourist attractions and a three course meal, the index, created by the international web-portal PriceOfTravel. Out of 47 countries, Moscow and St Petersburg placed 15th and 14th respectively.

Basics and language Aeroexpress Airport Trains The most reliable way of travelling to and from airports in Moscow is by Aeroexpress. Each rail terminal is connected via the metro circle line.On June 12,Garage moved to its first permanent building to Gorky Park, in the very heart of Moscow.

There is a cosy cafe with original cuisine, a summer terrace and breakfast items you can order any time of day. The Garage museum archive, which was established inis the largest collection in the world dedicated to the study of processes that have taken place in Russian art from the s on. The archive is a platform for international research projects conferences, exhibitions, seminars, and publications and a center that accumulates and disseminates knowledge about contemporary Russian art all over the world.

Flacon design factory is one of the best creative clusters in Moscow and home to a wide range of projects in the spheres of art, education, and creative industries. Flacon brings together a community of people who work in creative industries and design.

The design factory was created on the territory of the former crystal glass factory and became the first industrial zones restoration project outside the historical buildings of Moscow.

The initial lack of a framework is in many ways responsible for its unique nature. Flacon has become a powerful platform for new projects, creative self-expression, and socio-cultural initiatives. The organizers decided to preserve the former factory premises they inherited as much as possible and make space for creative companies who want to be in an open and creative atmosphere. Tenants have the opportunity to work in comfortable conditions, take part in interesting and promising projects, and meet like-minded people.

Most residents are developers or designers. There is a bar area, a swimming pool with sun beds and umbrellas, and a shower. Fabrika operates on the site of the former Soviet Oktyabr Factory, which started producing paper for technical purposes in raw materials for printing, tracing paper, drawing paper, and more. Today, it is the Center for Creative Industries. Fabrika is the only example of peaceful coexistence of art and manufacturing in Moscow.

The center brings together workshops and studios from various creative industries, from design and architecture to theater, cinema, animation, and music. Inthe project became a member of the international network of independent cultural centers Trans Europe Halls. The Liquid Theatre company a two-time recipient of the Golden Mask awardBig Cartoon Festival, Exprompt theatre, and Rupor independent theatre group are all based here.

There are regular theatre performances and concerts organized by the STEPS art space in the assembly hall.

Fabrika is split up into several thematic spaces. The first and largest private modern art center in Russia that brings together galleries, educational programs, studios, workshops, and showrooms.

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Winzavod also houses the Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art, which focuses on breaking in new artists and education. The history of the factory dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. At that time, a brewery was opened on the estate of Princess Ekaterina Volkonskaya.

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In the s, the factory was the second largest in Moscow. In the s and 80s, the plant passed into the possession of the joint stock company Moscow Bavaria Russian Association of Beer and Medovar in Moscowowned by brothers Ivan and Kirill Tarusin. It produced its own products from fruits and berries and poured grape wines brought from Crimea and from the Caucasus.

At the end of the 20th century, the plant closed up shop, and the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Arts opened its doors here in Originally, the space was used exclusively as galleries for exhibitions of artists, architects, photographers, sculptors and other representatives of creative professions.

But since there was still a lot of free space theater-goers, poets, and musicians quickly started to reach out. ByWinzavod became one of the most popular leisure places for young people. The infrastructure of the complex has expanded significantly and today consists of galleries, two dozen shops, educational workshops, and unusual cafes.

InWinzavod has been creating more opportunities for professionals who are just starting out in the creative industry. Winzavod has determined that its key objective is to establish a new circle of professionals in the art system.

It quickly became famous not only throughout Russia, but also abroad, having received various honors and awards.Founded in by Evgeny Zyablov. Registered at the Federal Media and Culture Inspectorate. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. The editorial staff bears no responsibility for the information of advertising content contained within. Die Vier Hoeke. This year's Biennale for Young Art differs significantly from its predecessors.

Firstly it is curated by a famous Western curator, Kathrin Becker. She leads the Videoforum at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, is a multimedia specialist, and is well acquainted with Russian culture — at the end of the s and early s she was a member of the St. Petersburg art. Secondly this Biennale is completely international — Becker has selected artists from around the world, including the United States, Vietnam, Poland, Pakistan, Iran and even South Africa.

Russia will be represented by a number of well-known young artists: Anna Titova, a participant in the main project at the last Venice Biennale; the artist-activist Arseny Zhilyayev; and the photographer Anastasia Khoroshilova. The concept of the exhibition reflects the spirit of the age, in which the world seems to be all about dazzling exteriors and internal content is lacking.

The curator of the second major project at the Biennale, Elena Selina, calls her exhibition an "additional selection," and highlights artists who don't fit under the rubric of "a sun made of tinsel. Some of the artists in her project have already made appearances at Moscow exhibitions, such as the ZIP group from Krasnodar. There's also the former graffiti artist Misha Most, who, in addition to being a member of the "What For" group, is famous for paintings based on his political activism.

Ilya Dolgov, from Voronezh, is head of the exhibition department at his local branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts, and explores new possibilities in conceptualism. Many more names at the show are unknown, enabling the audience to get a feel for what the future holds. The project attempts to discern general themes among works by artists from Latvia, Israel, Serbia, Taiwan, Iran, Belarus and other countries.

Efremov, I. The Throne of Thyatira Moment of Happiness. The artists who united at St. Twelve artists reinterpret fakes posing as genuine designer goods, and show how any object of desire in consumer society can be assimilated and transformed by the person who buys it. The videos at this exhibition depict actions by artists who are researching the spontaneous responses of people to everyday life.We will be recommending you to family and friends.

Theresa, United States Express Norway, August 2016 The hotel accomodations were very good, and just what we asked for (two twin beds). One hotel with included a dinner - saved a plate of food for us because we arrived very late that night (after 10:00pm). That was very kind of them. Had a great time. She help answer all of my questions (I had a lot), I was a little fearful on how to get around, where to pick up my car, how to find the hotels, but she was there to answer all of my questions.

The amount of information provided to us for the trip, and the detailed notes as well as the insider recommendations made the trip incredibly special- and I'm already looking at another one for next year.

It was also invaluable to have a local agency plan this: the insight and details as a result of my trip being handled by someone who is from the destination, made the difference. Susannah, United Kingdom Norway Explorer, August 2016 Accommodation was excellent in all locations.

We were pleased that many of the hotels offered complimentary evening light buffet meals.

Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Ulitsa, 28/06, Moscow

The hire car we received exceeded our expectations. We very much appreciated the map we were given with handwritten annotations for hotels, ferries etc. Jane, Canada Golden Circle and South Coast, August 2016 Service from Nordic Visitor was wonderful. Brooke, United States Adventures Around Iceland, August 2016 Kristin was amazing.

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Everyone was helpful, and anxious to please.

Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Ulitsa, 28/06, Moscow

Our guide was excellent, personable, helpful and knowlegeable in all areas. An added bonus was his guitar playing at our farewell dinner.

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