Vfr1200f dct for sale

Traction control standard from onwards, along with a less slippy seat and a few tweaks. But it's not stunning, hasn't 'moved the game on' like an all-new Honda V4 probably should have done and it does have a few niggly faults. There's a thriving online community at the VFR World forum.

vfr1200f dct for sale

Oddly enough the VFR12 is better as a used buy than it was a new one. I tested the eagerly awaited for MCN at the press launch in late it went on sale in spring and wrote those cutting words above. I stand by them now. And riding this minty, slightly updated version from Balderston brings it all flooding back. The natural ergonomics are typically Honda; the big V4 deliciously tractable and charismatic; the suspension and brakes good without dazzling and the whole plot, though undeniably big and heavy, is stable, predictable and classy.

This is a big-mileage motorway eater par excellence, very much in the KS mould, but with a uniquely-slick Honda gloss. The only thing that disappoints, slightly, is that the VFR has never been, not even when new, bang up to date. And for a much-hyped, all-new, flagship grand tourer inthere simply should have been.

The above example, in the rarer but somehow more handsome and timeless metallic black option, has clearly been pampered and well looked-after.

Steering is slow, as you'd expect from a bike weighing kg, but it tracks smoothly in the turns and feels stable. The sow seat is comfy and the riding position fairly neutral. You could easily ride for a full day without succumbing to sore wrists or arse. The biggest source of complaint from owners although not all owners — a significant majority were perfectly happy with the standard set-up. The V4 engine is the centrepiece of the VFR. It has masses of grunt - more than the previous version and retains the characterful V4 bark from the exhaust.

You barely need to take the engine above rpm, but when you do its takes off, howling just like an RC The gearbox is among the slickest out there. So far Honda have been pretty good at covering or contributing to costs, but it highlights the importance of a service record and a helpful dealer.

The finish on the VFR is excellent - exactly what you'd expect from Honda. It comes with the usual, solid Honda reliability. It only loses marks for its lack of kit relative to rival bikes. In most cases it was later traced to the workshop having left out or incorrectly fitted some rubber O-rings when replacing valve covers.

At this price it needs something which sets it quite apart from the rest of the competition, which the Honda lacks. More capable tourers can be had for a similar price.

Unusually, the VFRF has an mile interim service interval most Hondas are mileswhich is good.Since moving in to its current, prominent position on Bristol's A38 inner ring road, which is also immediately adjacent to Temple Meads mainline railway station, Fowlers has continued to expand its range of New Honda MotorcyclesUsed Honda MotorcyclesHonda Off Road Motorcycles and Honda Scootersas well as Honda clothing, helmets, accessories and parts.

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Fowlers Honda, can help find you the very best deal on a Honda motorcycle plus, there's probably no motorcycle retailer in the UK - or even Europe! The premises are fully air-conditioned and accessible for disabled persons. There is also a kid's play area, plasma TV and even a baby-changing facility! Servicing Servicing Book A Service. About us Contact. Featured Used Bikes. Welcome to Fowlers Honda - Honda Motorcycle dealers in Bristol Since moving in to its current, prominent position on Bristol's A38 inner ring road, which is also immediately adjacent to Temple Meads mainline railway station, Fowlers has continued to expand its range of New Honda MotorcyclesUsed Honda MotorcyclesHonda Off Road Motorcycles and Honda Scootersas well as Honda clothing, helmets, accessories and parts.There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.

The series was meant to be an improvement on Honda's earlier VF series of motorcycles, featuring the same basic architecture and engine type but introducing a host of new technological innovations and special features.

Before you decide to buy any VFR model on eBay, here is some important information to help you find your bearings. Though the models in the VFR series can differ from one another quite significantly, and though many new features have been introduced to each model from year to year, there is a broad set of common features that every model in the VFR series shares. The most important of these is that all Honda VFR models have V-4 engines, which, unlike the in-line four-engines that were almost universally used in motorcycles beforeare more compact and narrower and provide more balance.

Other major commonalities are six-speed transmissions and a combination of front dual-disc and rear single-disc brakes. Once you've carefully reviewed the information about the different Honda VFR models and decided which one you want, the next thing to do is to make note of things like the condition of the relevant model in each listing, the price that the vendor wants for it, and other factors that are important to you.

Here are a few general things to keep in mind as you shop on eBay for used VFRs:. Skip to main content. Filter 2. Shop by category. More View more categories Less View less categories.

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Additional Information see all. Extra Features see all. Start Type see all. Condition see all. Please provide a valid price range. Buying format see all.Handling-wise the Crosstourer scores over the donor VFR, too.

The result is a stupendously broad spread of sheer, smooth urge yet all flavoured with the charcateristically V4 rumbly drone. The slightest touch of throttle is enough to pull smoothly away and the progress thereafter completely linear and meaty yet enough, at the top end, to remind of true superbikes. Meanwhile, the paint is gorgeous and deep, the black-anodised alloy rims beautiful and the textured seat class — a true flagship machine. It also has pretty much all the right bits in all the right places: slim but meaty proportions, single-sided shaft drive, GS Adventure-style wire wheels, decent looks and BMW-rivalling quality and refinement.

Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below.

Honda Dealers in Bristol and the South West

Engine is brilliant. Handling good Bloody heavy.

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And top heavy. Good job I'm 6 Foot 7, but still worries me when I stop.

vfr1200f dct for sale

I intend to get a custom seat. The original one tips me towards the tank where it's only a few inches wide. At its best anywhere on a road, but a bit wide in traffic. I've done a couple of hours without too much discomfort. I've got Givi Luggage on mine. Didn't like the look or what I heard ,about the Honda stuff. I've put everything on it to bring it up to Highlander Spec. Buying experience: Dealer used. Seat not comfortable on long hauls. Power delivery good. Honda have really good brakes. Top box cracking at corners and Honda refused warranty claim within 4 year warranty despite my suppying dealer saying they were faulty.

Not impressed. No more Honda for me. Took out a service agreement with dealer. Worked well. See previous comments. Added a hugger and front deflector. Would benefit from cruise control.

Buying experience: Dealer.

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Excellent dealer. Had 3 new bikes off them to date. Bought from a dealer instolen in In a word plush! A very comfortable beast! Loved the turbine like, immense smooth power Oozes quality. No issues in the 2 yrs of ownership. Quite thirsty, averaging between 35 - 42mpg dependent on riding style. Have never ridden a bike with such a relatively small screen but is almost a work of genius.By signing up, I acknowledge the Autodesk Privacy Statement.

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Honda VFR1200F - TOPSPEED on Autobahn

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vfr1200f dct for sale

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HONDA CROSSTOURER 1200 (2012 - 2021) Review

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vfr1200f dct for sale

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